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Department of Fish and Wildlife Solicits Comments and Information on Status of Northern Spotted Owls

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In September 2012, EPIC filed a petition with the California Fish and Game Commission (Commission) requesting that the Commission list Northern Spotted Owls as either “threatened” or “endangered” under CESA.  In August 2013, the Commission voted to accept EPIC’s petition, finding that the requested action “may be warranted” thus making NSO a candidate species for listing under CESA. In December 2013, the Commission adopted its formal findings for the decision, thus triggering a one-year period in which the CDFW is charged with conducting a status review for NSO in California and preparing a status report with a recommendation for the Commission to consider at the final listing decision hearing.

“We are confident that the best available science and information will show that Northern Spotted Owls face a multitude of severe threats to their survival in the wild in California, and that listing the species under CESA will be deemed warranted by the CDFW” said Rob DiPerna, EPIC’s Industrial Forestry Reform Advocate. “All of the numbers indicate that NSO are in real trouble in California and indeed range wide. Listing under CESA is clearly a necessary component of our approach to conservation of this iconic and imperiled species range wide.”

Prior to making its final listing decision, the California Fish and Game Commission will solicit further comments on the status report produced by the CDFW. EPIC will continue to engage in this process and will continue to advocate for listing NSO under CESA, and for conservation and recovery of this iconic species in the wild in California and range-wide.

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