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Cheers to 41 Years of Forest Protection Work!

The Environmental Protection Information Center, would like to thank everyone who came out to celebrate 41 years of forest protection work with us!

This year was particularly special as we were in the more intimate setting of the beautiful Beginnings Octagon and had a wellspring of local community members who turned out. It was a great pleasure to honor Jene McCovey with the Sempervirens Lifetime Achievement Award for her outstanding environmental activism. The stories and memories people shared during the ceremony were beautiful and inspiring. Jene is an inspiration to all of us and her efforts continue to inspire the next generation of activists.

It was great to present the Dian Griffith Volunteer of the Year award to Ava Biscoe. We first met Ava when she came to EPIC Base Camp 2017, and she has since been our go-to volunteer for any of our outreach and tabling events. Ava has consistently shown up when she is called on and is a positive person and hard worker.

A huge thank you goes out to all of the hard working staff, board and volunteers who put their time and energy into making the Fall Celebration a special and successful event. Thank you to Noah Levy, Shawnee Alexandri, Judee Mayor, Peter Martin, Madison Peters, Shohei Morita, James Adam Taylor, Emily Wood, Roger Tuan, Rob Fishman, Ava Biscoe, Chad Oetjen, Reilly, Tanya Horlic, Delo F, Adam S, Rosemary Shultz, Melanie, Halle Pennington and everyone else who pitched in to help out, especially Sue’s Organics kitchen crew including Sue Moloney, Behr, Duff, Emily, Crystal, Matt, Cady, Ashley & Erin Quinlan.mmm

A wellspring of business sponsors helped to make this event a success by providing overnighters, items, food, beverages, art, classes and more! Thank you to Lost Coast Inn, Benbow Historic Inn, Kayak Zak’s, Pacific Seafoods, Arcata Core Pilates, Om Sha La, Peter Martin, Riverbar Pharms, The Front Porch, Fire Arts Center, Sonoma Canopy Tours, Redwood Empire Golf and Country Club, Arcata Exchange, Global Village, Dave Imper, Kokatat, Bayside Garden Supply, Bubbles, HealthSport,  Humboldt Distillery, Vichy Springs Resort, Rescue Roast, Mutal Aid Disaster Relief, Beehive Collective, Lobos, Global Good, JadEnow, Cali Jade Carvings, Honest ems, Domchi Designs, Kritter Klips, Peggie Bastress, Mostly Sweet Jewerly, Ray and Maya’s Ceramics, Mark Henson, AD, Ay Su Jewerly, Offset Casual Design, Peter Bailey, Sundial Arts, Adam’s Olives, Morning Flower, Violds Garden, Oregon Jewerly, Mystic Fabels, Spencery Reynolds, Larissa Robyn, Thankful Earth Herbs, Erin Voelkers, Durian and the Iyon, California Native Glass, Herbcraft, Krinkly Kids, California Wildflowers, Astrea Prayer Flags, Peter Newfield, Plum Blossom Farm, Amberz Art, Rise Designs, Ryan Scott Designs, Michael Zontos Art, Nuvelle Creations, Wild and Wooly Feltworks, By Nieves, Bill Francis Pottery, Piersons, Wool and Wood, Frog Works, Humboldt Healing Arts, L Rose Designs, Sage and Spirit Apothecary, Blue Lotus, Bird Godess. Violet Green Vineyards, Briceland Vineyards, Frey Vineyards, Lagunitas Brewery, Mad River Brewery, Lost Coast Brewery, Gypsy Kat, Humboldt Seed Company & Mama Palazzo.

It really does take a village to make this kind of work happen, it is slow going, we go up against big industry and governments, speak on behalf of those who cannot speak and we work tirelessly to make incremental changes. Filing lawsuits and writing comments are not that exciting, but the precedence we set are very important for this and future generations. If you do not have the time to write comments, or the capability to volunteer all night for an event, or items to contribute to a raffle, you probably have a few dollars to spare. In the capitalistic society that we live in, we vote with our dollars, so please remember to vote for the organizations, people and businesses that you want to survive by supporting them financially. It is the only way that we will have the resources that are needed to defeat irresponsible corporate interests and secure a sustainable future for generations to come.


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