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Celebrate Earth Day with EPIC: Join Us For An Ivy Pull On April 22nd!

Celebrate Earth Day with EPIC, No Ivy League, and the California States Parks by pulling invasive species of ivy to ensure the regrowth of native species. Participants that come and help us will have the chance to receive a FREE T-shirt and EPIC sticker for their contributions to sustain our beautiful forest at Trinidad State Beach.

We will remove invasive ivy from the ground and trees along the junction of Stagecoach Road and Anderson Road in Trinidad, CA from 2:00pm-4:00pm on Friday, April 22nd.

Why is this important?

This aggressive plant takes over the understory by outcompeting our native plants. The loss of our native plant species also affects wildlife. They lose the native food sources that they depend on, such as salal berries, huckleberries, trilliums, and sorrel.

When: Friday, April 22nd, from 2:-00-4:00 PM

What to bring: Please wear sturdy boots, and bring gloves, water, a snack, and either clippers or other ivy removal weapons of choice. Loppers are only useful on occasion, and we will have a couple of those on site. Folding pruning saws are handy on holly trunks. Bright tape or spray paint on your tools can help to locate them if dropped in heavily infested areas. Some people like to sit directly on the ground, so they bring a cushion, mat, or 5-gallon bucket to sit on near a stump or tree.

Where to meet: Meet near the junction of Stagecoach Road and Anderson Road. Park to the south of the Anderson Road intersection. Either side has areas of wide shoulders. We will enter the forest at the gate on the west side, where a wide path goes into the forest.

The areas selected for treatment are reasonably clear of downed branches/trunks and thorny berry stalks, and are gently sloping. There should be plenty of room to “distance” between the two areas. Keep in mind that the closest public restrooms are either at the Trinidad State Beach picnic area near town, or in town between the tennis court and City Hall.

All ages welcome. Dress for the weather!


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