Attend Eureka Meeting for Northwest Training Range Complex!

Please  show your concern for the health of our ocean by attending Navy meetings.

  1. Wednesday, December 15 from 5-7pm at the Wharfinger Building: 1 Marina Way in Eureka, and on

  2. Thursday, December 16, from 5-7pm, and at Pentecost Hall: 822 Stewart Street in Fort Bragg.

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The Navy will provide information to the community and answer questions regarding the NWTRC.  The project includes ranges, operating areas, and airspace that extend west to 250 nautical miles from the coast of Washington, Oregon, northern California and to the east just beyond the Washington/Idaho border. (See map above for visual of all Navy Training Range Complexes).  According to the Record of Decision (ROD) as released on 10/25/10 by the Department of the Navy, the preferred Alternative will consist of “training activities of the types currently conducted will be increased and range enhancements will be implemented, to include new electronic combat threat simulators/targets, development of a small scale underwater training minefield, development of a Portable Undersa Tracking Range, and development of air and surface target services.”

According to the Navy’s October 25, 2010 ROD, “Behavioral effects modeling for underwater detonations indicate 262 annual exposures for Alternative 2 that exceed the energy flux density threshold and potentially result in behavioral harassment. The modeling indicates 197 annual exposures under Alternative 2 from underwater detonations that could result in TTS (Level B Harassment). The modeling indicates 12 annual exposures under Alternative 2 to pressures from underwater detonations that could cause slight injury (Level A harassment) and one annual exposure under Alternative 2 that could cause severe injury.”

A huge concern with this proposed project is that there are 21 federally listed species known to occur within the NWTRC, including whales, sea turtles, salmon, sea o