An EPIC Thanks for an EPIC Party

Gary and Darryl

On Friday, November 4, the Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC) celebrated 34 years of advocacy for wild forests and endangered species on the North Coast of California.  Hundreds of EPIC members and supporters gathered within the warm embrace of the Mateel Community Center to dine, to dance, and celebrate community through EPIC’s annual membership meeting.

As a highlight to the evening, the 2011 Richard Gienger Sempervirens Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to the one and only Darryl Cherney for his lasting contributions in environmental advocacy.  Cherney’s work includes over 25 years dedicated to social change, artistic expression, and wild forest protection on the North Coast.

Also, during the awards ceremony, Kelly Karaba was granted the 2011 Volunteer Award, for her “tremendous dedication to EPIC’s outreach strategies, high attention to detail, and her peace of mind and calm attitude.” Thanks Kelly! Your positive influence on the organization is felt by us everyday!

The music of the evening was tremendous. Josephine Johnson provided a beautiful acoustic touch to the dinner gathering, and then Fishtank Ensemble rocked the night away with their dynamic gypsy sounds and theatrical antics.

We want to extend a huge thank you to Tryphena Lewis and all of her volunteer kitchen staff for preparing a delicious Mediterranean feast for nearly 200 people!

During the Annual Meeting portion of the evening EPIC’s 2012 Board of Directors was confirmed. We are sorry to see Cecilia Lanman relinquish her seat with the EPIC Board. We are grateful and appreciative of the years of service that she offered to EPIC and her community and we are honored to have had the chance to collaborate with and learn from her. Thank you, Cecilia for your tireless dedication to EPIC.

The EPIC Board currently consists of the following people:

  1. Heather Reese (President)

  2. Noah Levy (Vice Pesident)

  3. Shawnee Alexandri (Treasurer)

  4. Josh Brown (Secretary)

  5. Lindsey Holm (Member)

  6. Joan Merriman (Member/newly elected)

  7. Dian Griffith (Member/Staff)

  8. Gary Graham Hughes (Ex-oficio/Executive Director)

Thank yo