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A Long Strange Trip: 10 Years of Richardson Grove Defense

On Saturday, we celebrated 10 years’ worth of friendships forged over litigation and turmoil. EPIC would like to thank all of our friends who have stood with us. A special thanks goes to our co-plaintiffs: Friends of Del Norte, Californians for Alternatives to Toxics, and the Center for Biological Diversity, Trisha Lee Lotus, Bess Bair, Jeff Hedin, and David Spreen. Many thanks goes to our partners at the Coalition for Responsible Transportation Priorities. We appreciate your support and allyship.

The anniversary also gave us time to pause and reflect on those we’ve lost. We still miss the warmth and passion of Bruce Edwards, one of our original plaintiffs. We will never forget Stu Moskowitz, who painted the “Save Richardson Grove” sign that still stands, and alerts motorists that the park is in danger. We lost a great advocate in Loreen Eliason, a co-owner of the Riverwood Inn in Phillipsville and one of our original plaintiffs. Finally, we are down a friend and ally with the passing of Sydney King.

Our celebration was muted because Caltrans continues to press for the Richardson Grove Project. EPIC is back in court—our fourth trip—to force Caltrans to do an honest accounting of the damage to the grove. We won’t back down, even if we are at it for another 10 years.

Help support the fight to protect Richardson Grove by donating to the Save Richardson Grove Campaign.


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