Connecting Wild Places

Our natural and political landscapes are rapidly changing. Climate change is affecting ecosystems across the planet, and people, plants and wildlife are beginning to feel the pressures that come from a changing environment. Prolonged droughts, severe storms, growing deserts, deforestation, habitat loss and the resulting increase in stresses on wildlife are projected to become the norm in the future.
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Protecting Endangered Species of the North Coast

EPIC’s advocacy efforts for restoring wild fish populations includes many years of work defending forests and headwaters that provide clean water and valuable habitat for wild fish. Now, EPIC is undertaking a new initiative to reform fish hatcheries that have operated for too long without proper oversight.
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Reining in Caltrans

EPIC's "Rein in Caltrans" campaign is designed to force Caltrans to abandon some of their most egregious construction projects, and to reform the flawed decision making that allows wasteful and destructive projects to move forward.
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Returning to a Natural Cycle of Wildfire

As a society, we must understand that fire is an essential element in maintaining healthy ecosystems. EPIC is working to form a holistic approach to wildfire management that addresses the needs of the land and the people that call it home.

Industrial Forestry: Reforming Corporate Logging

Industrial timber giants are threatening our forests by using highly intensive forest management practices compromise the productivity and sustainability of our forestlands.  EPIC advocates for responsible forestry by tracking private logging operations to ensure that environmental standards are implemented.

What is Pollution Pot

Unsustainable, environmentally destructive, industrial-sized cannabis agriculture that puts the environment, the economy, and future generations at risk. These practices must come to an end, and responsible operations that promote the restoration of our watersheds must become the norm.

Updates + News

Fall Celebration featuring House of Floyd

September 15, 2014

HOUSE OF FLOYD LOGO SEP 2013 V2You're invited! Join the EPIC family to celebrate 37 years of Forest Protection at the Annual Fall Celebration. Dinner, auction and dance for the Wild featuring a four course, family style meal – a true farm to table event – followed by music from San Francisco’s immersive Pink Floyd tribute band, House of Floyd. Friday, November 7, Mateel Community Center in Redway, California. read more >>


Wild and Scenic Film Festival

September 11, 2014

WildScenicFilmFest1The Wild & Scenic Film Festival is a call to action. At Wild & Scenic, film goers are transformed into a congregation of committed activists, dedicated to saving our increasingly threatened planet. We show environmental and adventure films that illustrate the Earth’s beauty, the challenges facing our planet, and the work communities are doing to protect the more >>


Trespass Grows and Wildlife on Public Lands

September 11, 2014

We have seen it all before—boom and bust resource production and extraction in Northern California has been the norm since the beginning of European settlement. From the timber boom to the gold rush, we have now entered the era of the so-called ‘green-rush,’ the high-time of marijuana production. Marijuana growing in Northern California has traditionally been a cottage industry-scale economy. However, with the recent surge in industrial-scale production has also come an increased awareness of the potentially significant environmental harms to forests, fish, and wildlife. read more >>


Groundwater Legislation is Not Strong Enough

September 11, 2014

IMG_0440The recent drought that has been experienced throughout the west has brought much needed attention to the mismanagement of water resources, particularly in the State of California, which currently lacks groundwater regulations. With rivers drying up and drought conditions worsening, there is a clear need for regulation to address the ongoing extraction of groundwater resources. However, the currently proposed legislation falls short because it relies too heavily on local agencies and fails to challenge the efficiency of groundwater plans. read more >>


State of Water

September 11, 2014

IMG_0458Here on the North Coast, our six rivers are running dry. The Bureau of Reclamation’s recent releases from Lewiston Dam, aimed at preventing another massive Klamath fish kill shows how scientifically-based citizen advocacy can be successful. However, much more action is needed to implement a lasting solution to the mismanagement of water supplies, especially during drought conditions. read more >>


50 Years Wild: Connecting Wild Places

September 2, 2014

sawtoothpeakAmerica's landmark Wilderness Act turns 50 today! As we take time to celebrate what has been accomplished over the years, it is also important to consider what still needs to be done. Through years of environmental advocacy work in the Pacific Northwest and reviewing current science, we have learned that in this rapidly changing climate, the best thing we can do is protect all remaining old growth and mature trees, and establish a well-connected network of wildlife more >>


Victory: Wildlife Habitat Protected

August 21, 2014

GardenGulchCritical habitat and old-growth reserves saved from post-fire “salvage” on the Wild and Scenic North Fork Salmon River! EPIC and allies, successfully stopped logging in some of the best habitat proposed in the Salmon Salvage timber sale. Our efforts ultimately resulted in the elimination of larger stands of “salvage” and a renewed focus on roadside hazard treatments. This is great news for naturally recovering more >>


Rally to Save Klamath Salmon

August 20, 2014

IMG_0277About 200 tribal members and river activists traveled from the Klamath River Basin to the Sacramento Valley on Tuesday to ask the Bureau of Reclamation to release more water to prevent a fish kill. The rally targeted David Murillo, who is the Regional Director for the Bureau of Reclamation — the individual who has the authority to order more water to be released into the Klamath and Trinity Rivers. read more >>


Take Action to Avoid Another Catastrophic Klamath River Fish Kill

August 5, 2014

DSCF3762Click here to take action now: Klamath salmon need your help! Last week, the Bureau of Reclamation announced that it would not release the preventative flows needed to avert a fish kill in the Klamath River. We need to convince decision-makers to release preventative flows into the Klamath and Trinity reservoirs to save the fall salmon run from river conditions that are even more severe than those that caused the country’s largest fish kill in 2002, when 60,000 salmon perished in the Klamath River. read more >>


EPIC Advocates for Northern Spotted Owl Using Best Available Science

August 5, 2014

NSOEPIC relies upon an integrated science-based approach to environmental advocacy. Consistent with our mission statement, we apply the best available science at the legislative, regulatory, and policy levels of government and industry. In our ongoing efforts to protect, enhance, restore, and conserve the Northern Spotted Owl, EPIC uses the best available science to inform our advocacy and decision-makers. read more >>

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