Connecting Wild Places

Our natural and political landscapes are rapidly changing. Climate change is affecting ecosystems across the planet, and people, plants and wildlife are beginning to feel the pressures that come from a changing environment. Prolonged droughts, severe storms, growing deserts, deforestation, habitat loss and the resulting increase in stresses on wildlife are projected to become the norm in the future.
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Protecting Endangered Species of the North Coast

EPIC’s advocacy efforts for restoring wild fish populations includes many years of work defending forests and headwaters that provide clean water and valuable habitat for wild fish. Now, EPIC is undertaking a new initiative to reform fish hatcheries that have operated for too long without proper oversight.
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Reining in Caltrans

EPIC's "Rein in Caltrans" campaign is designed to force Caltrans to abandon some of their most egregious construction projects, and to reform the flawed decision making that allows wasteful and destructive projects to move forward.
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Returning to a Natural Cycle of Wildfire

As a society, we must understand that fire is an essential element in maintaining healthy ecosystems. EPIC is working to form a holistic approach to wildfire management that addresses the needs of the land and the people that call it home.

Industrial Forestry: Reforming Corporate Logging

Industrial timber giants are threatening our forests by using highly intensive forest management practices compromise the productivity and sustainability of our forestlands.  EPIC advocates for responsible forestry by tracking private logging operations to ensure that environmental standards are implemented.

What is Pollution Pot

Unsustainable, environmentally destructive, industrial-sized cannabis agriculture that puts the environment, the economy, and future generations at risk. These practices must come to an end, and responsible operations that promote the restoration of our watersheds must become the norm.

Updates + News

Update on Caltrans' Last Chance Grade Project

February 19, 2015

Drilling Last Chance GradeCaltrans recently held a series of public workshops seeking input from the public as the agency considers possible alternatives and reroutes in an attempt to find a long-term solution for the Last Chance Grade — a stretch of U.S. Highway 101 about ten miles south of Crescent City, which sits precariously high above the Pacific Ocean and experiences frequent landslides due to the geological instability of the area. read more >>


EPIC in Review

February 17, 2015

 salmon-river-spring-M-Aaron Cowan EPIC has been busy upholding environmental laws both at home, and across the nation. Over the past month our staff has advocated for science-based accountability of the California Timber Regulation and Forest Restoration Program, to protect water quality through proper maintenance of Forest Service roads and protect wilderness from grazing. We signed letters opposing the spread of natural gas pipelines that would fragment forests, the Keystone Pipeline XL and Navy sonar testing. read more >>


Moonalice at the Mateel Community Center, March 27

February 1, 2015

HOUSE OF FLOYD LOGO SEP 2013 V2Click here to buy tickets. You're invited! Moonalice is a band of hippie musicians from California with no label, no manager, no publicist, no problems, and lots of fans. They’re made up of seasoned players exploring new musical territory with a passion. Bringing their heady brew of roots, rock, rhythm-and-blues, peppered with spirited doses of improvisation and surprise to the North Coast to benefit forest protection and restoration in Northwest more >>


Action Alert: Tell Caltrans to study impacts before advancing the Four Bridges Project

January 28, 2015

Avenue of the GiantsTake Action: Caltrans is proposing to upgrade four existing bridges along the Avenue of the Giants, a world-famous scenic drive along old Highway 101, through the ancient redwood groves of Redwood State Park. Tell Caltrans that it needs to adequately study impacts to old-growth redwoods and salmon, and adequately inform the public, before they move forward with the more >>


Take Action—Tell the Fish and Wildlife Service to Protect the Pacific Fisher

January 28, 2015

Pacific Fisher USFWSAfter 15 years of delays and subsequent litigation, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to list the West Coast population of the Pacific fisher, a small, weasel-like forest carnivore, as a “threatened” species under the federal Endangered Species Act. In 2000, EPIC and 16 other conservation groups petitioned the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) to list the West Coast population of the Pacific fisher under the Endangered Species Act . Now, the end is almost in sight; our goal is almost achieved. read more >>


Massive Timber Sale Proposed for Klamath National Forest - Public Meetings Announced

January 27, 2015

Fire - Photo by Nat PenningtonA massive 43,883 acre post-fire logging project is being proposed by the Klamath National Forest. Almost half is within Late Successional Reserves, which are areas that are supposed to be set aside to protect and enhance old growth forest ecosystems. The Forest Service is planning to streamline this unprecedented timber sale, which would shorten public comment opportunities, and speed up the environmental review process. read more >>


Crab N' Drag at the Bayside Grange January 31

January 26, 2015

CND Poster 2015 FINAL3Roll out the red carpet, get under the stars, and party for redwoods and rainbows! Aqueerius Productions is proud to present the classy, fun and colorful, Crab N’ Drag, a celebrity drag themed crab dinner and dance party, to benefit EPIC and Humboldt Pride. Come out and dance the night away in your glitz and glamour to shine like the star that you are, and enjoy a delicious dinner with fabulous entertainment and a full bar. Buy Tickets Now! read more >>


Caltrans Setting Sights on Redwood National Park

January 15, 2015

Last Chance GradeCaltrans is in the beginning stages of planning for the Last Chance Grade Project along Highway 101 (10-miles south of Crescent City), where the highway is slipping into the Pacific Ocean. This project would have significant environmental impacts, as the highway would likely be rerouted to the east through Redwood State and National Parks. EPIC is committed to finding the least environmentally destructive alternative for this project and will work tireless to hold Caltrans to the law. We need your help. Please attend the meeting most convenient to you. read more >>


Save Richardson Grove: Think Globally, Act Locally

January 15, 2015

Madrone Hugging Ancient Redwood thumbnailIf everyone cared for their own wild back yard, the world would be a better place. Northwest California is known for having some of the wildest lands, including the Lost Coast and the tallest trees on the planet, which have been preserved behind the redwood curtain since time immemorial. With less than three percent of the planet’s old growth redwood trees remaining, it is imperative that every ancient tree is protected, especially if they are entrusted into a park system, which has vowed to protect them in perpetuity. read more >>


Spotted Owl Told to Wait (Again)

January 14, 2015

Owl-Self-Defense-wings-shadow-296x300Despite over 20 years of enhanced protections afforded by the listing of the owl under the federal Endangered Species Act, the best available science continues to show alarming and precipitous declines in Northern Spotted Owl vital statistics across the species’ range. EPIC’s Northern Spotted Owl Self-defense Campaign has sought to achieve enhanced protections for the owl in California and beyond. Given the myriad and immediacy of threats to the species, EPIC believes that urgent actions are needed to prevent the extinction of the Owl. read more >>

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