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The Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC) is a community based, non-profit organization that advocates for science-based protection and restoration of Northwest California’s Forests. EPIC was founded in 1977 when local residents came together to successfully end aerial applications of herbicides by industrial logging companies in Humboldt County.


Based out of the rural region of Humboldt County, EPIC is surrounded by industrial timberlands and federal public land, where the health of our forests, watersheds, and wildlife is vital to the rich cultural and traditional practices of our community. Our region is home to the Earth’s largest remaining stands of old-growth redwood trees, the striking Trinity Alps, the largest undammed river in California (the Smith River), and other unique natural features.


EPIC works extensively with the people and local communities in the region, understanding that the environment of Northern California is an interconnected whole consisting of people, flora and fauna. EPIC’s goal is to protect Northwestern California so that people may live harmoniously in a community of all beings, one that respects and cares for the landscape in a way that demonstrates a serious commitment to the well being of the future generations.


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Monitor, Advocate, Protect.


For more than 40 years, our organization has been at the forefront of forest protection, ensuring that state and federal agencies follow their mandate to uphold environmental laws and protect endangered species. EPIC uses an integrated, science-based approach that combines public education, citizen advocacy and strategic litigation. We protect and restore areas within our bioregion. We implement strategies that will strengthen the way conservation laws are interpreted and implemented throughout the state and nation. We work with diverse stakeholders including rural communities, tribes, regulatory agencies, and activists to monitor public lands, enforce environmental regulations, engage decision-makers and develop natural resource policies to protect biodiversity and habitat connectivity. 

We have filed hundreds of lawsuits on behalf of imperiled species and their habitat and many of our victories have established important legal precedents, including successful cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and California Supreme Court. EPIC’s achievements and the group’s important role in California resource policy have been recognized by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, which named EPIC one of the most effective organizations in California.


Since 1977, EPIC has worked with community groups to support conservation and restoration of lands in northern California. Long standing, close relationships with the Californians for Alternatives to Toxins, the Friends of the Eel River, Bay Area Coalition for the Headwaters, Trees Foundation and many other Humboldt County-based organizations have enabled the defeat of many of the most egregious practices seen in our region.

In more recent years, EPIC staff has developed a group of tight knit allies to effectively protect old growth and threatened habitat within four National Forests, as well as fish and rivers throughout the region. The more contemporary era of EPIC now includes connected work on nearly every issue.

This network includes: Klamath Siskiyou Wildlands Center, Klamath Forest Alliance,  Humboldt Baykeeper,  Salmon River Restoration Council, Northcoast Environmental Center, Oregon Wild,  Friends of Del Norte,  Klamath Riverkeeper,  Center for Biological Diversity, California Native Plants Society, California chapter of the Sierra Club, Intertribal Sinkyone Wilderness Council, Humboldt Watersheds Council, Humboldt Fish and Klamath Environmental Law Center.


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