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This Hanes 100% cotton Crewneck T-Shirt features local artist Skye Henterly's custom design of the North American beaver, one of nature's best ecosystem engineers, with the phrase "The Only Dams We Need" printed below. Blue t-shirt with black lettering.


North American beavers, the largest rodents in North America and second-largest rodents in the world, are an important keystone species for freshwater habitats across North America, but are currently missing from much of their historic range - an absence are felt by the many species that co-evolved with beavers. In 2019 EPIC and our allies petitioned the California Fish & Game Commission to revise the rules under which beavers may be legally trapped, and threatened to sue Wildlife Services for their publicly-subsidized beaver killing program. In 2020 Fish & Game moved forward on our rulemaking petition, referring the petition to the California Department of Fish & Wildlife for review and comment. In 2022 Fish & Wildlife requested more than $3 million dollars to hire five permanent staff and begin implementing a beaver restoration program throughout the state within two years.

"The Only Dams We Need" Blue/Black Crewneck T-Shirt

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