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This Allmade Tri-Blend* Crewneck T-Shirt features local artist Skye Henterly's custom design of the North American beaver, one of nature's best ecosystem engineers, with the phrase "The Only Dams We Need" printed below. Dark gray t-shirt with black/white lettering.


North American beavers, the largest rodents in North America and second-largest rodents in the world, are an important keystone species for freshwater habitats across North America, but are currently missing from much of their historic range - an absence are felt by the many species that co-evolved with beavers. In 2019 EPIC and our allies petitioned the California Fish & Game Commission to revise the rules under which beavers may be legally trapped, and threatened to sue Wildlife Services for their publicly-subsidized beaver killing program. In 2020 Fish & Game moved forward on our rulemaking petition, referring the petition to the California Department of Fish & Wildlife for review and comment. In 2022 Fish & Wildlife requested more than $3 million dollars to hire five permanent staff and begin implementing a beaver restoration program throughout the state in the next two years.


*Tri-Blend: This tri-blend is a unique and proprietary blend built from 50% Repreve polyester from recycled plastic; 25% organic, U.S.-grown, combed, ring-spun cotton; and 25% TENCEL Modal. These sustainable fibers combine to create a soft, flexible, and smooth fabric.

"The Only Dams We Need" Gray/BW Crewneck T-Shirt

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