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Klamath Water Advocacy 

The Klamath River Basin is one of the last strongholds for wild salmon populations on the North Coast, and a primary lifeline for tribes, fisheries and river communities. Unfortunately, decades of water mismanagement and outdated dam structures have resulted in toxic conditions that at times are unfit for human contact and are lethal for aquatic species. As a result, wild coho and Chinook salmon populations are on the brink of extinction. With the largest dam removal and river restoration project on the horizon, EPIC is committed to keeping pressure on dam removal efforts and advocating for water flows into the Klamath river and its tributaries. 

Klamath River dam.jpeg


Klamath Dam Removal

On February 25, 2022, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) released the Draft Environmental Impact Statement For Hydropower License Surrender and Decommissioning Lower Klamath Project that analyzes the plan for dam removal and restoration of the Klamath River. We encourage people to support dam removal by submitting comments in support of the project.  

We are working with a coalition of Tribes, organizations, and activists to engage in the FERC process and are encouraging people to take action by submitting comments on the project throughout the planning stages to advocate for expedited dam removal and thorough river restoration. 

Advocating for Flows

Many of the Klamath Tributaries have dams and diversions that result in low flows, dry riverbeds and toxic effluent downstream that create deadly conditions for migrating salmonids. We will continue to monitor water user and agency actions in these watersheds, advocate for instream flows, and ensure that environmental laws are being followed and proper measures are being taken to remedy any violations.

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