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You're Invited To The Caspar Forest Fest!

When: Saturday, July 31st, from 1:00pm until done!

Where: Caspar Community Center, 15051 Caspar Rd Box 84, Caspar, CA 95420

What: Live Music, Speakers, Food, Kid's

Activities, and more to benefit the Campaign to Save Jackson

Who: The Coalition to Save Jackson State Forest includes The Coyote Valley Band of Pomo, Redwood Nation Earth First!, Mama Tree Network, EPIC, The Mendocino Trail Stewards, Families for the Forest, We Speak for the Trees, PAIEA, The Mendocino ENvironmental Action Collaborative

More info coming soon!


Jackson is an extremely important forest and should be conserved for several reasons. First, Jackson houses culturally significant sites and biological resources for the Northern Pomo and Coast Yuki peoples that are threatened by ongoing timber harvesting. Preserving Jackson would also help preserve their cultural heritage. Moreover, Jackson is already state owned land, which means no acquisition is required to move almost 50,000 acres into the “conserved” column. In addition, Jackson is already beloved by local residents and tourists alike as a place for outdoor recreation. On top of that, JDSF is home to the endangered northern spotted owl and marbled murrelet, making the biodiversity benefits of a forest reserve large. Finally, because the dominant species in Jackson is coastal redwood, preserving this forest will have uniquely beneficial carbon sequestration impacts. Coast redwood trees sequester carbon quicker and for a longer period of time than almost any other species on earth.


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