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Help Protect the Smith River from ORV Damage

The Smith River Watershed is one of the crown jewels of the Klamath-Siskiyou ecoregion. The crystal clear water provided by the one of the Nation’s largest concentrations of Wild and Scenic Rivers supports some of the best salmon and steelhead runs in the lower 48 states. The metallic serpentine soils provide excellent habitat for rare wildflowers that grow nowhere else in the world. It is such a spectacular landscape that in 1990 Congress designated much the Forest Service lands in the Smith River Watershed as a National Recreation Area to protect its botanical and hydrological values.

Unfortunately, some people choose to damage this place with their extreme off-road vehicles. Every year more meadows are lost to ORV damage and more riparian areas are damaged by riders who do not respect public lands. The destructive actions of a few are ruining natural resources that belong to everyone.

The Forest Service is currently deciding how to manage off-road vehicle use in the Smith National Recreation Area. Please take a moment to send a letter voicing your support for wildlands, clean water and rare plant habitat.

Tell the  District Ranger that you want to protect this special place from ORV damage that could cause irreveersible damage to this sensitive ecosystem.?


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