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Great letter to the Editor: Save Richardson Grove

EPIC wants to republish the following letter to the editor by Jere Bob Bowden of Ferndale that appeared in the Times Standard today. Save Richardson Grove Letter to the Editor Posted: 08/06/2010 01:15:38 AM PDT

Recently, I drove home to Ferndale from Sonoma County. Since the last time I made this 101 drive, someone had stretched a banner between two redwood trees at the southern entrance to Richardson Grove. Just before plunging into the dark woods, the words “Save Richardson Grove” flashed by. I paid close attention to what I was seeing, thanks to that sign.

Some time ago, I attended Caltrans’ elaborate presentation which was held at River Lodge in Fortuna. The layout of designs and options displayed at that meeting came to mind as I slowed down and made my way through the forest. I could visualize exactly what Caltrans is “offering” to us, and I did not like what I could imagine.

The entire journey from south entrance to north entrance through the grove is not long. What Caltrans proposes will rip the heart out of this park — a park which (as we all know) belongs to the citizens of the state of California.

Richardson Grove does not belong to Caltrans, nor to the trucking industry, nor to the various chambers of commerce in Humboldt County.

Will it be possible to stop this project in a traditional and systematic way? Will public commentaries have been persuasive? Or will it be necessary for several thousands of people to stand in silence next to the silent trees who are unable to defend themselves?

We had a Redwood Summer years ago. Another one could be arranged to save Richardson Grove, if required.

Jere Bob Bowden


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