EPIC Screening of Patagonia Rising

Patagonia Rising Puts Removal of Klamath River Dams in a Global Context.

At 7 PM on Tuesday, October 11, at the Arcata Theater Lounge (1o36 G Street, Arcata), EPIC will be proud to host a screening of the documentary film Patagonia Rising. This film describes the efforts of communities in Chile to protect the wildest rivers in the Patagonia region from mega-hydroelectric development, and their realistic vision for sustainable alternatives.

This compelling film is particularly relevant in Northwest California due to the public comment period that is currently underway on the Draft Plan for the removal of 4 obsolete and destructive dams on the Klamath River. As communities in California work to fulfill the promise of an agreement to decommission dams and begin to restore the long-abused Klamath, people all around the world are struggling to defend their still free-flowing rivers from large dams. This global dynamic is essential to understanding this historic moment for the rivers in our region.