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EPIC Open House Mixer: Protecting Forests, Wildlife, and Clean Water

EPIC will hold an Open House at 6pm on Thursday September 15th at our Arcata office.  The open house will feature a short presentation on EPIC’s industrial forestry reform program, which focuses on protecting forests, wildlife, and clean water on privately held forestlands in California.

EPIC is a state-wide leader in the battle to reform the dominant paradigm of industrial forestry on private forestlands.  Highly intensive practices such as high rates of harvest, large amounts of clearcutting, short logging rotations and the wide-spread application of chemical herbicides are threatening our forests, wildlife and clean water throughout the state.  Large private industrial forestland owners are held to much lower protective standards than are logging operations on public lands, and state logging regulations are generally not adequate to protect threatened resources.  Many threatened and endangered species such as Northern Spotted Owls, Marbled Murrelets and Coho salmon now teeter on the brink on private lands where the mandate to log as much as possible as fast as possible pervades management strategies. EPIC is dedicated to continually developing strategies to confront and reform these damaging practices, and envisions a future where our forests can work while providing for wildlife and clean water.

Please join us for an evening of talk and mixing.  The EPIC office is located at 145 ‘G’ Street, Suite A, in Arcata.


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