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EPIC on the Radio!

Want to keep up with the latest environmental news from the Northcoast? Tune in live to KHUM (104.7 fm Eureka) at 10am on Saturday, KZZH (96.7 fm Eureka) at 11am, or KFUG (101.1 fm Crescent City). You can also subscribe to the EcoNews Report on your favorite podcast app!

Catch up on old episodes:

EPIC is also on the KMUD Environment Show on the second Tuesday of every month! You can listen live or check out some of our recent shows in the KMUD archive or click the link below for our most recent show from July 14th:

Have a topic you want covered on a future radio show? Email Tom at

Many thanks to KMUD staff and Fred McLaughlin, our tireless Econews volunteer engineer, for producing these shows!


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