Encouraging a Culture of Humboldt County Philanthropy

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There is a long tradition in Humboldt County of supporting locally owned businesses and artisans. We have strong connections to our local food movement, and support our local farmers. “Humboldt First,” “Shop Local,” “Locally Delicious,” and “Buy Fresh Buy Local” are examples of the catchy taglines that remind Humboldt County residents about the vitalizing effects of investing locally. We subscribe to this practice because we know it is good for our economy, our environment, and our community. By adhering to these beliefs we are tangibly improving Humboldt County’s resiliency and sustainability into the future.

Building upon our already strong tradition of localized self-reliance, I ask Humboldt County residents to help create a more robust non-profit sector by encouraging a culture of “Giving Local.” Generous community support for local nonprofit organizations is critical to ensuring that the many social, environmental and economic services provided to our community are maintained in the face of challenging economic times.

On the North Coast there are hundreds of local nonprofit organizations that provide key serv