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ACTION ALERT: Conserve Mature and Old Growth Forests as a U.S. Climate Strategy

Our mature and old growth are some of our most powerful climate solutions. But these forests are still being logged when they should be set aside for carbon storage, wildlife habitat, and clean water.

We need the Biden administration to understand that forest defense is climate defense!

When we protect our older forests from logging, we both reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure these forests continue to store vast amounts of carbon —a win-win climate change solution! Our intact forests also offer unique and critical habitat for at-risk fish and wildlife, including the Northern spotted owl, the Humboldt marten, our iconic Coho salmon, and many more. Healthy forests also filter water to keep our streams, rivers and lakes clean and cold, and these same forests protect watersheds and communities from flooding and landslides.

Please join us in calling on President

Biden, Secretary Vilsack, and Secretary Haaland, to incorporate permanent protections for mature and old growth temperate rainforests as part of our nation’s strategy to address climate change.


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