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2016 EPIC Annual Report

The Environmental Protection Information Center is proud to present to you our

2016 Annual Report. The report includes an overview of some of our major accomplishments from last year, and a vision for what we plan to do in the coming year. In 2016 we had many victories: we started the year off with a rally to defend public lands, continued to advocate for Elk River and its residents, challenged the Westside timber sale, expanded our grazing monitoring project, engaged in the emerging Northwest Forest Plan Revision process, and developed and distributed 6,000 Humboldt County Farmer’s Compliance Handbooks to the masses. We continued to defend the rare and threatened wildlife that call our forests home, and successfully listed the northern spotted owl under the California Endangered Species Act, and moved the Humboldt marten to a “candidate” species listing.

In the year ahead, we plan to be ever transparent and engaged with our community in order to provide the best defense for our forests, wildlife, and watersheds. In summer 2017, we are introducing EPIC BaseCamp, which will be an opportunity for our membership to get their boots on the ground, and out into the forests. Groundtruthers will develop on-the-ground monitoring skills that will help challenge bad logging projects, destructive grazing, and other Forest Service actions that degrade the environment. Click here for more information about EPIC Basecamp.

EPIC’s approach to forest advocacy is to seek out and champion the best available science to shape policy through education, outreach and strategic litigation. Our administration has made it’s environmental agenda clear, and EPIC will work diligently to ensure that state and federal agencies follow their mandate to uphold environmental law. This work would not be possible without people like you. As a membership organization we represent your values as we push forward with strategic advocacy and legal action to champion the best conservation and protection for our forests.

This year, we said goodbye to our beloved Natalynne Delapp-Hinton and welcomed former Program Director Tom Wheeler as our new Executive Director. Briana Villalobos officially joined the EPIC staff in January as the Director of Communications and Development. The faces of EPIC are changing, but our heart remains the same. We have an exceptional staff of experts and support from a community of people who dare to think the world can be a better place.

Together, we are powerful and together we will keep California wild!


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