Press Releases

Here are some examples of EPIC’s press releases over the past few years:


Coastal Marten Takes Important First Step Toward California Endangered Species Act Protection

Environmental Groups File Suit for In-Perpetuity Logging Plans

Fish and Wildlife Service Finds Northern Spotted Owl May Be Endangered

Notice of Intent to Sue for Failure to Protect Coastal Marten


Strip Mining Proposal for Wild and Scenic Smith River Denied

Federal Court Halts Caltrans Highway-widening Project Along Smith River

EPIC Victory for Richardson Grove

Plans Halted for Widening Highway Through Ancient Redwoods in California’s Richardson Grove State Park

Caltrans Agrees to Reevaluate Impacts of Del Norte Highway Project on Endangered Salmon

Injunction Sought to Halt Unnecessary Caltrans Highway-widening Project in Remote Northwest California

Historic Agreement Reforms Trinity River Fish Hatchery

Trinity River “Restoration” Program Brought into Question in Coalition Letter


Federal Court Allows Destructive Willits Bypass Project to Move Forward

CaltransFails to Follow Court Order, Provides Inadequate Richardson Grove Documentation
Logging Industry Loses Latest Attack on Threatened Seabird

Northern Spotted Owl Achieves Candidacy Status Under California Endangered Species Act

Suit Filed Against Destructive Caltrans Highway-widening Project in Remote Del Norte County


Billionaire Timber Baron Red Emmerson and Sierra Pacific Industries Asked to Stop Logging Spotted Owl Habitat

Government Delay, Drought Prompts Renewed Push for Protection of Klamath River Chinook Salmon


State of California Ends Illegal Private Grazing on State Park Lands

Judge Orders California to Halt Work on Richardson Grove Highway Expansion That Would Harm Ancient Redwoods

Coalition Warns of Legal Action if Freight Rail Agency Approves Environmental Report on Reopening Tracks 

Richardson Grove preliminary Injunction Motion

Coalition calls on California Regulators to Enforce Clean Water Standards

Upper Klamath River Chinook Salmon One Step Closer to Protection Under Endangered Species Act


Marbled Murrelet Retains Threatened Status Under ESA

Direct Message to Motorists: Richardson Grove is Threatened

Lawsuit Filed to Expedite Protection of Pacific Fisher


Botched Logging Around Orleans

EPIC Joins Global Day of Climate Change

Agency Proposal Leaves Threatened Coho with Dry Riverbeds

Coalition of Environmental Groups Call for Ouster of Appointee from State Forestry Board

Groups Sue to Protect North Coast Rivers and Fisheries


California Supreme Court Sides with Environmentalists in Decades-Long Forest Dispute

Emergency Petition Filed to Protect Imperiled Salmon

Mendocino Redwood Company to Assume Control of Pacific Lumber

Underwood Roadless Area Threatened

EPIC Joins Lawsuit Over California’s Salmon Rules

Court Rejects Timber Industry Attack on Threatened Seabird

Three New Pacific Lumber Reorganization Plans Filed with Bankruptcy


EPIC’s 30th Anniversary Celebration

EPIC Marks Third Decade of Forest and Watershed Advocacy

Timber Industry Uses Draft Bush ESA Regulations

Citizen Suit Prompts Settlement of Pulp Mill Pollution

Court Rules Rare Salamanders Were Illegally Denied Protection Under ESA


Federal Court Upholds Protections for Roadless Forests

Habitat Protections for Threatened Marbled Murrelet Slashed

Conservation Groups Challenge Fish & Game Refusal to Protect Recently Discovered Salamander

Regional Water Board Adopts Cutting-Edge Water Quality Protections

Court Ruling Opens Forest Service Fire Planning to Public

Habitat of Newly Discovered Salamander Species Slated for Logging

EPIC Inquiry on Disclosure Sent to Realtors in Maxxam Land Liquidation

Citizen Lawsuit Filed Against Evergreen’s Humboldt Bay Pulp Mill


Community Appeals to Pacific Lumber to Halt Logging at Nanning Creek

Groups Notify Evergreen Pulp Mill of Intent to File Suit

Maxxam/Pacific Lumber Slapped with Logging Violation Notice

Federal Agency Reaffirms Pacific Lumber’s Flawed Habitat Conservation Plan

Pacific Lumber Mounts Last-Minute Attack on Public Hearing Process

Petition Filed in Court for Air Quality Board to Halt Pulp Mill Pollution

Beginning of the End-Game for Maxxam in Humboldt County

Judge Upholds Protection for Old-Growth Forests

EPIC to Defend Order Limiting Timber Harvest in Damaged Watersheds

Forest Service Rush to Log Hits Snag

New Species of Salamander Found in Siskiyou Mountains

Federal Court Halts Klamath Old-Growth Logging

State Agency Finds Maxxam/Pacific Lumber to Blame for Financial Woes

Fisheries Service to Protect Green Sturgeon in Sacramento River, Refuses to Extend Protection to Klamath Basin