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EPIC is involved in numerous campaigns and programs to fulfill our mission to defend the bioregions of Northern California and protect our community’s natural heritage. Click on the campaigns and programs listed here to learn more about the work EPIC is engaged in. If you find an issue we are working on that is of interest to you, consider getting involved or making a donation to help support our work.


Endangered Species Defense

On California's North Coast, there lives a diversity of wildlife that must be protected. From the Northern Spotted Owl to the Humboldt Marten and Coho Salmon, EPIC is working hard to protect the wildlife of Northern California through public outreach and litigation. 

Industrial Forestry Reform

EPIC's Industrial Forestry Reform program works at every available level to reform and improve forest policy in California. EPIC monitors and comments on individual timber harvest proposals, advocated for improved forest regulations at the State's Board of Forestry, engages in forest policy-related legislation, and when all else fails, takes the fight to court. 

Returning to a Natural Cycle of Wildfire

We are working to incorporate the traditional ecological knowledge of the region's indigenous peoples with a new scientific approach to wildfire management. Prescribed burning, selective thinning, and similar measures are tools that can help reshape state approaches and return our region to a natural cycle of wildfire. 

Public Lands Advocacy

Northwestern California's public lands include some of the wildest and most spectacular landscapes in North America. Some of the environmental issues affecting public lands include timber sales, wildfire management, salvage logging, grazing, mining, and illegal water diversions. EPIC Staff and volunteers go out into the field and monitor what is happening on the ground. 

Save Richardson Grove

EPIC's Save Richardson Grove campaign is designed to force Caltrans to abandon one of their more egregious highway widening projects and to publicize and reform flawed decision-making and environmental review processes that allow this destructive project to move forward.

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