Tom Wheeler 2Tom Wheeler, Executive Director Tom graduated from the University of Washington School of Law with a concentration in Environmental Law. Tom was President of the Environmental Law Society, served as Articles Editor of the WA Journal of Environmental Law & Policy, and defended old-growth and endangered species at the WA Forest Law Center.

Kimberly Smiling ProfileflippedKimberly Baker, Public Land Advocate  Kimberly has worked to defend Northern California’s national forests for over a decade, starting as Forest and Wildlife Protection Coordinator for the Klamath Forest Alliance. She has advocated protection of public lands for EPIC since 2007. Her efforts include tracking, commenting, ground-truthing and litigating projects.

Amber SheltonAmber Jamieson, Conservation Advocate Amber attended Humboldt State University where she earned a degree in Natural Resources Policy Economics.  She has experience working for public agencies and private planning firms applying many of the environmental policies throughout the region and has been working for EPIC since 2009.

Rob DiPerna croppedRob Diperna, Forest and Wildlife Advocate  Rob  is on his second tour of duty with EPIC.  He also worked for EPIC reviewing private industrial logging plans from 2000-2003.  Rob has reviewed literally hundreds of THPs for EPIC, focusing on protection of public trust resources including threatened and endangered species, water quality and forests.