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Dont Let the Legislature Dismantle CEQA

Friday, March 25th, 2011

The California Environmental Quality Act has come under attack this year through numerous bills that have been introduced. Five members of the GOP are taking it a step further and are withholding their votes on a budget until sweeping changes to CEQA occur. While the legislators declined to share the details of their proposal, you can view it here, courtesy of the Los Angeles Times.

Below are a few reasons to protect CEQA:

CEQA empowers local communities and promotes democratic participation by ensuring that public agencies make informed decisions.
CEQA gives the public a real voice in analyzing the impacts of projects – from strip malls to power plants – on their communities.
CEQA gives Californians a voice in how their neighborhoods are developed and how their communities will grow.

CEQA ensures that we can safeguard the health and well being of our families and neighborhoods, and protect our communities from environmental toxins and hazards.
CEQA is considered California’s most important environmental law – allowing public participation to help protect our air, water, and our neighborhoods.
An attack on CEQA shuts out our voice and our community.


Tell our legislators to protect CEQA during the budget process.

Help Protect the Smith River from ORV Damage

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Photo by Scott HardingThe Smith River Watershed is one of the crown jewels of the Klamath-Siskiyou ecoregion. The crystal clear water provided by the one of the Nation’s largest concentrations of Wild and Scenic Rivers supports some of the best salmon and steelhead runs in the lower 48 states. The metallic serpentine soils provide excellent habitat for rare wildflowers that grow nowhere else in the world. It is such a spectacular landscape that in 1990 Congress designated much the Forest Service lands in the Smith River Watershed as a National Recreation Area to protect its botanical and hydrological values.

Unfortunately, some people choose to damage this place with their extreme off-road vehicles. Every year more meadows are lost to ORV damage and more riparian areas are damaged by riders who do not respect public lands. The destructive actions of a few are ruining natural resources that belong to everyone.

The Forest Service is currently deciding how to manage off-road vehicle use in the Smith National Recreation Area. Please take a moment to send a letter voicing your support for wildlands, clean water and rare plant habitat.

Click Here to Take Action Now!

Tell the  District Ranger that you want to protect this special place from ORV damage that could cause irreveersible damage to this sensitive ecosystem.?

EPIC forces SPI to eliminate logging poised to harm owls

Thursday, March 24th, 2011
EPIC forces SPI to eliminate logging poised to harm owls—“Big Widow” Update
Thanks to EPIC pressure, Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI) has eliminated the contentious logging unit within 500 and 1,000 feet of an owl site from the “Big Widow” THP.  This development follows recirculation (re-opening of public comment), when Cal Fire required SPI to delete logging within 500 feet of the owl site, and to demonstrate how logging within 1,000 feet of the owls site would maintain functional habitat characteristics.  Instead of trying to prove that proposed logging within 1,000 feet of the owl site would avoid harm to owls, SPI has instead chosen to delete the logging unit. The “Big Widow” THP was subsequently recirculated again, and is currently open for public comment.
EPIC comments to Cal Fire acted as a catalyst for SPI to eliminate logging from the “Big Widow” THP that would result in harm to owls.  Northern Spotted Owls are barely hanging on in the California Cascades, and it is imperative to protect all owls, all owl sites, and all suitable owl habitat, particularly in that region.
The latest demographic study on Northern Spotted Owls (to be published in 2011) indicates that the owl is declining throughout its range, including here on the North Coast. The Forest Practice Rules in California are a recipe for habitat destruction, harm and take of owls as administered by Cal Fire.  EPIC is dedicated to continuing our fight to prevent Cal Fire from approving logging that would result in harm to owls.

April 1 Rally for Richardson Grove in Garberville

Monday, March 21st, 2011

A new group called Friends of Richardson Grove State Park will host a public rally at noon on Friday, April 1 at the Garberville Town Square. Rally organizer Barbara Kennedy invites everyone to attend.

“This will be a family-friendly event focusing on educating the public about the ill-advised highway-widening project that not only threatens the ancient redwoods of Richardson Grove State Park, but could also change the rural character of Humboldt County,” said Kennedy in a release.

The event will feature local speakers, musicians including Bud Rogers, Jefferson Parsons and Defenders of the Holy Grove, educational literature, sample letters to send to elected representatives, a craft table for children and the opportunity to discuss  the effects this project might have on our State Park and local community.

The rally was originally organized for March 18, but was rescheduled for April 1, because of adverse weather conditions.