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Action Alert: Restore Sacred Site and Protect Redwood National Park

Take Action Now: [1] The Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (OES) is proposing to construct three 199 foot tall radio and microwave towers on several of the highest peaks in and around Redwood National Park. The newly proposed tower locations would replace the Red Mountain communications site, which must be removed because it is located within the Helkau Ceremonial District, a site that is sacred to the Yurok Tribe and other Native Americans.


The three towers identified for the Proposed Project/ Alternative 1 include:

  1. Rodger’s Peak (a prominent mountain within Redwood National Park);
  2. Rattlesnake Peak (owned by Green Diamond); and
  3. Alder Camp, which is a state-owned prison work camp.

None of the proposed tower locations would offer improved cell phone coverage to the general public as the towers are only for use by “officials” and emergency services.

EPIC supports the removal of the existing tower away from the sacred site on Red Mountain, but we believe that Redwood National Park is not an appropriate location for the 199 foot tower either.

Due to over 600 scoping comments [3]in the spring of 2017, the initial scope of the project, (which only proposed one option that included a tower in Redwood National Park), has been expanded to analyze several other alternatives that would not include Rodgers Peak, which is within Redwood National Park. New alternatives considered in the Draft EIR/EA are as follows:

* Alternative 3a would provide emergency communication services with the least impacts since the Green Diamond 1 site is already clearcut and is outside of the Coastal Zone.

Public comment deadline for the Draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Assessment for the Relocation of the Red Mountain Communication Site is January 29th, 2018.

CLICK HERE TO TAKE ACTION and urge Office of Emergency Services to choose an alternative that does not include Redwood National Park. [1]