Internships and Volunteers

groundtruthing-knobInternship Opportunities with the Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC)

EPIC is a non-profit, environmental law watchdog organization that advocates for science-based protection and restoration of Northwest California’s forests. We use conservation science, education, public outreach, grassroots organizing and political pressure to achieve our goals. Click here to volunteer with EPIC!

EPIC is seeking bright, motivated interns. We are specifically seeking candidates with either experience or an educational background in:

  • Conservation science
  • Environmental law
  • Policy
  • Natural resource or land-use planning
  • Forestry
  • GIS
  • Campaigns and organizing
  • Journalism or communications
  • Business or marketing
  • Graphic design, artists or videography
  • Digital and social media: Facebook, Twitter & Instragram
  • Web design
  • Non-profit administration: membership and database management

Conservation Science

Create literature review and annotated bibliographies to cover topics such as: climate change, forestry, fire, northern spotted owl, southern torrent salamanders, salvage logging, Pacific fisher, Humboldt martens, porcupines, roads, hydrology, water quality, connectivity, cumulative impacts, greenhouse gases, soil science, etc.

Environmental Law

Research: California Endangered Species Act (CESA) past and current case law; case law behind Northwest Forest Plan and the 2012 Planning Rule; Wild and Scenic Rivers Act and Section 4(f) Transportation Law.

Natural Resource Land/use Planning

Research states such as, Washington, Oregon and Colorado that have passed marijuana cultivation laws and regulations and compare with California counties that have passed successful ordinances. What works and what doesn’t.


Timber Harvest Plan monitoring CEQA; violation monitoring, Public Records Act requests, Water Board Waiver (Clean Water Act); Habitat Conservation Plan monitoring, document analysis and critique plans for best available conservation science.

GIS Support

Analyze maps and data pertaining to trespass marijuana grows on national forests and/or EPIC’s Connecting Wild Places campaign for forest connectivity across public and private forests in NW CA.

Campaigns, Organizing & Outreach

Work with EPIC’s Outreach Department to organize activists at the local, regional, and state level. Reach out to targeted constituencies to get people involved in campaigns; Recruit activists by organizing and participating in campaign actions and events; Tabling at festivals, the Co-Op and Arcata Farmer’s Market.

Web Design and Social Media

Update and maintain websites and online presence.

Journalism and Communications

Write articles for publication covering conservation science, news and action alerts.

Business and Marketing

Help promote EPIC actions, articles, press releases, develop public relations materials, increase membership, constituency and influence.

Graphic Design, Artists, Videographers & Story-tellers

Use Adobe Creative Suite to design outreach and fundraising materials, EPIC-schwag including stickers, posters, t-shirts, etc. Videographers: help create short films, documentaries and YouTube videos. Story-tellers: help tell the story about the importance of forest conservation. Work with other interns to develop films, articles, newsletters, etc.

Non-profit Management and Administration 

Support the Executive Director and Office Manager with administrative tasks including: data entry, developing fundraising appeals, grant research, website updates, preparing for presentations, coordinating events, organizing volunteers, office organization, donor relations and answering phones.

EPIC requires a good sense of humor.

Application process

Please submit a cover letter explaining:

  • Why you want to work with EPIC
  • What your career aspirations are and how this internship would help you achieve your goals
  • How much time you can commit to an EPIC internship (hours per week for how many weeks)
  • Describe your relevant skills

Include: résumé and original writing sample (no group papers and less than 4-pages).

Email to & A staff person will get back to you within 7-business days. Depending on the applicant’s skills, level of commitment and organizational capacity, discrete projects/tasks will be assigned based on EPIC’s needs.


Volunteers are needed throughout the year to help support events, fundraising appeals and other routine office tasks. No academic skills required, only a willingness to help. Tasks may include: hanging posters (car needed), handwriting envelopes, data entry, working events (bartending, serving, set-up & clean-up, security, door, etc). Please contact: Briana Villalobos,, or call 707-822-7711 and we’ll add you to our volunteer list; we’ll contact you as needed.

Wilderness Grazing Monitor

On-the Ground grazing monitoring as practiced by the Grazing Monitor Project involves walking those parts of wilderness areas and other public lands where livestock grazing occurs from May through October. Conduct surveys and use photographs and video to document the impacts to springs, stream-side vegetation, water quality, meadows and wetlands that result from poorly managed grazing.