2014 Board of Directors

Shawnee Alexandri (President): Shawnee Alexandri is a local carpenter, who has resided in Humboldt County for 16 years. He first moved to the region as activist during the Headwaters era and never left. After having followed EPIC’s history, and being intimately involved, he believes that EPIC is one of the most effective local organizations out there working to change, for the better, the landscape that we call home. He has been on the EPIC Board of Directors since 2010, as treasurer for the first three, and currently as president.

Dian Griffith (Vice President): Dian Griffith moved to Redway in 2000 to take a position on the EPIC staff as Office Manager. Within a year she was promoted to staff bookkeeper and then to Administrative Director in 2008. Dian retired from her staff position in March 2013. She has served on the EPIC Board of Directors since 2005 and was appointed Vice President in Aug 2013. She is also on the Redway Community Services District Board of Directors and served on several other non-profit boards in Marin County prior to moving to Humboldt. Dian has her own bookkeeping business and has worked in that capacity in the Construction and Non-Profit industries for over 30 years.

Noah Levy (Treasurer): Noah Levy is the Lands Program Director for Sanctuary Forest, a local land and water trust, where he has worked for the past 10 years; and a Humboldt County Planning Commissioner. He moved to Garberville in 2002 following earlier careers in journalism, marketing and law, and now lives in Arcata with his wife and sons. He has served on the EPIC Board of Directors since 2004, and is currently EPIC’s Treasurer.

Robert Shearer (Secretary): Bobby is a botany/ecology double major at Humboldt State University with research in pollination and floral ecology. He currently works for the Center for Biological Diversity on pesticide and tar sands issues. He has been an active advocate for environmental and social justice for seventeen years, since age fourteen. Currently, he is the president of the HSU chapter of Society for Conservation Biology and member of the EPIC Conservation Committee, providing experience where science meets policy. In 2011, Bobby created and still annually coordinates the Biodiversity Conference at HSU. In 2013, he organized and hosted the Klamath Basin Dam Removal and Water Rights Forum, as well as co-hosted a Redwood Resiliency Workshop which brought together state, federal, tribal and private forest managers with forest ecologists and climate scientists to discuss best management practices in a changing climate. He has been on the board since January 2014.

Mitra Abidi: Mitra Abidi has worked extensively on restoration projects in the area. She graduated from Humboldt State University with a major in Natural Resource Planning with an emphasis on Sustainable Community Planning. During her time at HSU, Mitra was Co-Director for the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology (CCAT). She has worked AmeriCorp, the Mattole Restoration Council, and was the campaign manager for a Humboldt County Board of Supervisor candidate. Since 2010, Mitra has volunteered with EPIC’s Board Fundraising and Outreach Committees, and joined the Board of EPIC in July 2013.

Bruce Edwards: Bruce Edwards is a local contractor who has been very active on the Richardson Grove campaign, as one of the plaintiff litigants in the lawsuit against Caltrans’ project in Richardson Grove State Park. He has previous board experience working on youth education. He has served on the board of EPIC since 2012.

Josh Brown: Josh Brown is a tree climber and arborist, who has lived in Humboldt County since 1995, and currently resides in Berkeley, California. He spent his first seven years in Humboldt as an Earth First! Organizer, and worked with EPIC for several years doing outreach on national forest logging. He joined the EPIC Board in 2011. Josh strongly believes in the mission of EPIC and its ongoing, critical role in protecting Northern California biodiversity and quality of life.

Natalynne Delapp (Ex-oficio as Executive Director)

To contact board members please call our Arcata office at 707-822-7711.

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Applications are accepted for the EPIC Board of Directors between July 1-July 31 for the following Board of Director year, which begins January 1.